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About Dr. Janine Peacock, PT, MCWC

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Dr. Janine Peacock


Dr. Janine Peacock is intimately familiar with the debilitating effects of living with chronic pain. An unceasing discomfort can lead to unhealthy habits, disrupting the rhythm of life and leading to withdrawal from enjoyable activities and cherished ones. It becomes a cruel thief, stealing away opportunities for creating memorable experiences with family and friends. Born and raised in Waldorf, MD, Dr. Peacock, a former high school and college athlete herself, has walked the path of pain, and understands its complexities.

As a mother of two highly active children involved in various sports and academic pursuits, she has grappled with the nagging aches and pains that come from balancing the demanding roles of parenthood, work, and personal fitness. From this personal experience, she has developed an effective strategy to live life pain-free and maintain a healthy lifestyle. To extend this benefit to her family, friends, and community, Dr. Peacock started a weekly interval training exercise class that embraces individuals of all fitness levels. This initiative resulted in significant improvements in the group’s physical wellbeing and fitness levels within just a few months.

Driven by her passion for an active, healthy lifestyle, Dr. Peacock pursued advanced education in her field. She first earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fitness & Exercise Science in 2000. Not stopping there, she then acquired a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy, graduating with honors in 2005. Her journey of learning continued, leading her to a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2009.

When not serving her community through her clinic, Dr. Peacock cherishes spending quality time with her family and friends. She is continually on the quest for new ways to enhance life’s quality and promote holistic wellbeing.

Peacock Physical Therapy Services stands as the beacon of hope for those committed to eliminating sciatica, stubborn aches, and pains, and regaining control of their life, all without resorting to surgery, pills, or injections. If you’re ready to rewrite your story from a life filled with pain to one bursting with vitality, Dr. Janine Peacock and her team at Peacock Physical Therapy Services await you!

Our Mission Is To Help You Make The Best Decision About Your Health So You Can Continue Doing Everything That You Love

At Peacock Physical Therapy Services, we are passionate about helping individuals…

Who fear the impending loss of their mobility and independence and the prospect of a life dominated by incessant doctor visits, reliance on pain medications, and invasive injections. We understand your desire to retain self-sufficiency and maintain an active lifestyle, and we’re here to assist in your journey to holistic wellness.

Who experience the sting of disappointing children and grandchildren due to the incapacitating pain that inhibits them from attending games, meets, concerts, and recitals. We realize the importance of these precious moments and aim to help you reclaim these irreplaceable experiences.

Who yearn to exchange their spectator status for active participation, desiring to play, run, and keep pace with their loved ones without being held back by physical discomfort. We aspire to facilitate your return to an active lifestyle, helping you create joyful memories rather than observing from the sidelines.

Who have grown disheartened and frustrated with generic advice and treatments found online that have either failed to relieve their pain or exacerbated it. We offer personalized and effective physical therapy solutions, tailored to your unique condition and needs.

Who long to rekindle their romantic life, to take their partner out on memorable dates without the shadow of physical pain casting a gloom on their joy. We strive to help you resume your love life with the same vitality and enthusiasm you once had.

Who are eager to restore the intimate moments that have been strained due to persistent muscular aches and pains. We understand the delicate balance of physical well-being in maintaining personal relationships and work to help you regain the physical comfort essential for nurturing these connections.

Our mission at Peacock Physical Therapy Services is to guide you on the path to pain-free living, offering expert advice and treatments for back pain, sciatica, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and more. We believe in your potential to live an active, fulfilling life, and we commit ourselves to helping you reach that potential. No matter your age or condition, we believe in your right to enjoy every aspect of life, free from the constraints of pain. Our team of professional physical therapists, led by Dr. Janine Peacock, is dedicated to helping you achieve this goal through effective, non-surgical solutions. Let us help you reclaim your independence, mobility, and overall well-being.

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